Blumen    Landschaften    ein quadratisches Bild    ein quadratisches Bild    ein quadratisches Bild



The paintings displayed are in oil or acrylic on canvas.

I love using the layer-technique, wet on wet and Impasto, very rarely with pre-lining – thus, experimenting, therefore, step by step I come closer to the ideal picture I wish for.

But it often happens that I reject in the morning what I have found harmonious and suitable the evening before and start looking for new alternatives. Due to this experimenting-and-learning, my fantasy pictures come into being.

I paint what I feel and sense, very seldom what I can see. I like to call my paintings soul pictures where reality is just a touch of the whole. This spontaneous mixture of feelings, thoughts, atmosphere, mood and the compulsory play of light and shade complete my pictures. My paintings offer playground for the fantasy of the viewers. That’s why I like the magic of abstract realism that here and there is reflected in my work. The fascination of my colours in the light and shade play bound in a hue of mysticism which is to involve the viewer in my fantasy world and to inspire him with a bit of well-being and great relish.

May you all enjoy your stay in my gallery.


Tolerance means: excusing other people’s mistakes...
Savoir-faire means: not to notice them...
(Quote by Arthur Schnitzler)