Welcome to my homepage

My painting stands for joy, freedom and passion, where inspiration comes from everyday life as well as childhood memories of a long forgotten world motivating me to easily produce creative pieces of art.

My art is simple, using paint brushes and palette knives, along with a variety of techniques like; blowing, scattering, scratching, mixing, wiping, and sometimes having to discard pieces so as to restart again enjoying the colour experiment that spontaneously creates something new. 

My pictures  reflect a rendezvous with my memories of a happy and sound childhood as well as expectations and hopes of an adult, a permanent search of a wonderful, cosy time, a shade-light play long wrapped in silence which is eventually revived by the paint brush and colours.  

 I have been spending my spare time during the long winter months in the studio since 2007. 




I am happy to receive your suggestions and requests.

                        Georg-Kurt Mueller,

                         91474 Langenfeld, Deutschland
Tel :                 +49 (9164) 179055
E-Mail :           info@mgk-pictures.de